🧪 Chrome-facilitated testing demo

💡 Learn more about Chrome-facilitated testing.

This demo is intended for Chrome 120+ using chrome://flags/#tpc-phase-out-facilitated-testing. The site is awaiting enrollment, so enable chrome://flags/#privacy-sandbox-enrollment-overrides and add https://chrome-facilitated-testing.glitch.me.

🍪 receive-cookie-deprecation cookie

receive-cookie-deprecation value: [NOT SET]

Cookie headers used

The cookie is set with:

Set-Cookie: receive-cookie-deprecation=1; Secure; HttpOnly; Path=/; SameSite=None; Partitioned;

The cookie is expired with:

Set-Cookie: receive-cookie-deprecation=0; Expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT; Secure; HttpOnly; Path=/; SameSite=None; Partitioned;

📩 Sec-Cookie-Deprecation HTTP request header

Sec-Cookie-Deprecation value: [NOT SET]

🔧 cookieDeprecationLabel JavaScript API

navigator.cookieDeprecationLabel: [TESTING…]

navigator.cookieDeprecationLabel value:  ""

JavaScript code used

The JavaScript API is detected and called with:

  if ('cookieDeprecationLabel' in navigator) {
    navigator.cookieDeprecationLabel.getValue().then((label) => {

👀 Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies look like they are: [TESTING…]

⚒ Privacy Sandbox Relevance & Measurement APIs

Feature detection for APIs on this site:

⚠ Note: Make sure you've enabled the APIs via chrome://flags/#privacy-sandbox-enrollment-overrides or chrome://flags/#privacy-sandbox-ads-apis.